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Free Drinks


Key West

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Hard Rock Cafe

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Buy 1 Get 1 Free


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Buy 1 Get 1 Free


Key West's

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How long is the party pass good for?

A. The party pass is now valid for the entire year!


Q. Is there a 2024 Party Pass?

A. Yes, click here to purchase the 2024 version. 


Q. How often can the party pass be used?

A. Daily. Each bar's drink special can be used one time each day!


Q. How do I redeem the passes?

A. Simply open the app and scroll to the current bar, then show the server. They will click redeem!


Q. What are the current list of participating bars?

A. Click here for an updated list!


Q. What do I do if I don't get a text message with the link?

A. The most frequent reason you didn't receive a text message is that the wrong phone number was put in. We have already received hundreds of issues just like this so don't worry! Just email us at & we will get back to you asap (often within minutes) to update your phone number & send out a new link.


Q. What can I redeem a buy 1 get 1 free (BOGO) for?

A. At any location that offers a BOGO. Party Pass holders can redeem them for beer, shots or mixed drinks!


Q. Can I share the BOGO drink with my partner or do we each need our own pass?

A. Drink specials are only good for the pass holders! Make sure everyone has their own pass! There is no sharing of drinks allowed.


Q. Can I buy the pass locally in Key West?

A. Unfortunately, in order to keep the price of the app as low as possible. The app is only available online!


Q. I didn't receive the initial text message!

A. This is the most common issue and only occurs if the wrong phone number is put into the purchase screen. Check your card to see if you were charged for the party pass. If you were please email us at and we will get you a new link!


Q. The link in my text message isn't working.

A. This has only happened 3 times but each time it was resolved immediately by going to your app store & downloading The Discount Card App. Click, you are a purchaser & enter in the login info from your text message. If you have any questions at all email us at and we will make sure to get you taken care of ASAP!

Customer Reviews

“We loved the drink pass & used it everywhere around Key West”

5 Stars

Liz & Paul

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